Teachers at DPS Pathankot are ‘facilitators’ as the School has adopted a ‘student-centric’ approach to learning. Teachers will facilitate learning by helping their pupils access information, encourage creative ideas and help in solving problems.
A teacher at the school essentially leads and guides the learning process. Regarded as a facilitator, the teacher plans and implements a programme of instruction that adheres to the School’s philosophy, goals, and objectives. To facilitate individualized learning and teaching, our teachers harness the strengths and proclivities of each student with regard to specific intelligence and help overcome weaknesses, if they exist.

DPS seeks experienced, highly qualified, certified teachers who are not only highly competent instructors but who also desire to guide students on the path of learning. We are a school with an exciting future.  DPS offers staff a rich tradition of achievement and the opportunity to become part of a remarkable group of professionals.  DPS career provides outstanding opportunities for personal reward, fulfillment, and learning.

The School welcomes applications from individuals who are innovative, open, inquiring and enthusiastic and have a genuine commitment to professional and personal growth and development.  Please take time to browse this website to develop an appreciation of the culture of DPS and what it values.

Recruitment of teachers is based on selection procedures for determining an individual’s subject knowledge, group dynamics, leadership traits, and high trainability index. The School embraces non-discriminatory recruitment by providing equal employment opportunity to all.

All teachers must demonstrate the following guidelines:

Leads and guides Learning Process

    • Demonstrates a strong grasp of subject matter.
    • Acts as a ‘facilitator’ to enable learning processes.
    • Plans and implements a programme of instruction that adheres to the School’s philosophy, goals, and objectives.
    • Determines and harnesses strengths and proclivities of each student with regard to specific intelligence; helps overcome weakness.
    • Makes purposeful and appropriate lesson plans that provide for effective teaching strategies and maximize time on task.
    • Learns Individually, plans and implements a programme of study designed to meet individual needs of students.
    • Creates a classroom environment conducive to learning by employing a variety of appropriate teaching strategies.
    • Provides progress and interim reports as required.
    • Recognizes learning problems and makes referrals as appropriate.
    • Uses effective oral and written expressions.
    • Provides guidelines for substitutes.

Curriculum Development

  • Stays up to date with subject matter expertise and learning methods, and is willing to share this knowledge for the continual improvement of the School’s curriculum.
  • Provides regular feedback on the curriculum and its implementation.
  • Expands and adopts the curriculum to suit the learning ability of the class.

Classroom Management

  • Develops, in accordance with School guidelines, stipulated rules of classroom behavior.
  • Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
  • Shares responsibility for supervision of students in all areas of the School.
  • Provides for the supervision of assigned students when circumstances require a brief absence from the assignment.

Only Applications using the Application form of DPS Pathankot will be accepted.

Any application should contain the following:

  • A completed Application form of DPS
  • A cover letter
  • Your current resume
  • Response to the key selection criteria

Note: If you are successful in gaining an interview you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Certified copies of official academic transcripts
  • Letters of service to authenticate your employment history


Currently, all positions for 2017-2018 have been filled but we encourage you to check back with us regularly for new postings. 

Interested? Send in your applications along with your resume to [email protected] or drop in your application in person at the school office.