Principal’s welcome

To be invited to become the founder Principal of any good school is a privilege; to be invited to do so for a school such as Delhi Public School – where education and nurturing of children is going to be truly world class – is indeed both an opportunity and an honor.

We believe in working as partners with the parents and the community in order to provide a positive school environment where the child feels safe and secure. My endeavor will be to ensure that DPS would be acknowledged as a dynamic learning environment with outstanding opportunities for boys and girls

An education at DPS Pathankot will cultivate the idea of holistic education, where students will learn qualities of respect, responsibility, integrity, and teamwork. They will actively participate in both mental and physical activities which will ensure confidence, foster creativity, decision making, and problem-solving skills

DPS Education

DPS is proud to have a program that strives to maximize every facet of a child’s development. The essence of DPS education is sanctioning new ideas & innovative thinking which requires a more dynamic learning process. The concept of creative learning is a vital part of the modern educational system. Therefore it is essential that the students be allowed to explore and learn newer vistas of learning. The students of DPS Pathankot will graduate with 21st-century skills, confident in the strengths of their knowledge, excited and passionate to take on all competition and tackle them with vigor.

At DPS, we understand that each individual has his/her own tempo of learning and our curriculum provides the students with the flexibility to set their own goals within the framework of the course prescribed for them. The curriculum is built to integrate concepts, which are integral to developing a holistic personality. It is child-friendly, challenging and experiential. Learning requires a hands-on approach, learning by doing, critical thinking, questioning, field visits, visual experiences, etc. which are essential to understanding and retaining concepts.

Nurturing Future Citizens- Our Priority

Since the future of the nation is shaped in classrooms and this honorable task is performed by teachers, the skill of teaching becomes the most important and highly responsible job. Our team of dedicated teachers at the school are committed to making your children equally committed, determined and passionate in the pursuit of education. It is our sincere endeavor to make education a meaningful and enjoyable experience for children.

I thank you for your interest in Delhi Public School Pathankot. Please call and ask for a school tour. Our helpful front office staff will make it possible for scheduling your visit at your convenience. When you entrust your child to our care be assured that you have ensured very best of education. I welcome the enquiring parents to our school and look forward to showing you our school – an institution of which we are very proud.

 Know Your Principal

Mr. Paramjeet Singh